Stonework on the south porch of Castle Rising church
Incised chevron decoration on an Early Anglo-Saxon pot
A stone plough on the Thomas Coke memorial at Holkham


Here you can download summaries of many of our lectures from previous seasons. These have been written by Society members and approved by the speakers themselves before publication here. We intend to create a cumulative archive of these summaries for these and future seasons.


2018 excursions

Thursday 24th May 2018: The Pastons in Norfolk
Wednesday 4th July: The Paston Exhibition, Norwich Castle Museum
Saturday 18th August: A Walk in Historic Thetford Download summary
21st-24th September 2018: Four-day excursion to Nottingham Download Summary

2018-19 lectures

Saturday 29th September 2018: The Ups and Downs of Elm Hill: properties and people
Dr Victor Morgan, UEA

Saturday 27th October: Talking Torcs: East Anglia and Beyond
Dr Tess Machling and Roland Williamson

Saturday 10th November: Living with Monuments: settlement, monumentality, and landscape in the Neolithic of the Avebury region
Josh Pollard, Univ. Southampton & Mark Gillings, Univ. Leicester

Saturday 1st December 2018: Norfolk’s Gateway to Medieval England: The Norwich Castle Keep Redevelopment Project
Dr Tim Pestell, Norwich Castle Museum

Saturday 5th January: Boudicca and the Buried Treasure
Adam Wightman, Colchester Archaeological Trust

Saturday 2nd February: A landscape through time: archaeology of the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme
Tony Walsh, MOLA Headland Infrastructure

Saturday 2nd March: The Sue Margeson Memorial Lecture. Archaeologies of the Norman Conquest
Naomi Sykes, Univ. Exeter, and Aleks McClain, Univ. York Download summary


2017 excursions

Saturday 29th July 2017: Walking tour of Kings Lynn
29 Sept–2 Oct 2017: Four-day excursion to Inverness Download summary

2017–18 lectures

Saturday 9 September 2017: Norfolk's Medieval Angel Roofs
Sarah Cassell, UEA Download summary

Saturday 7 October 2017: What is Icenian Coinage?
Dr John Talbot, Independent Researcher

Saturday 4 November 2017: Walsingham Buildings Uncovered
Dr Ian Hinton, Norfolk Historic Buildings Group

Saturday 2 December 2017: Great Ryburgh: The excavation of rare Anglo-Saxon coffins and a Saxon church
James Fairclough, MOLA Watch on YouTube

Saturday 6 January 2018: The Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of Northern East Anglia: Hunter gatherer communities and the changing Landscape c.12,700–4000 BC
Dr Lawrence Billington

Saturday 3 February 2018: People, Landscape and Economy in the Anglo-Saxon Fenland
Dr Susan Oosthuizen, Univ. of Cambridge Download summary

Saturday 7 April 2018: The Sue Margeson Memorial Lecture. Silver and the Viking ‘Great Army’
Dr. Andrew Woods, York Museums Trust Download Summary


2016 excursions

Wednesday 13 April 2016: Van Dal Shoe Factory Download summary
Wednesday 25 May 2016: Langley Abbey, Near Loddon
Wednesday 22 June 2016: Sandringham House
Wednesday 6 July 2016: Walsingham Abbey and Shirehall Museum
Saturday 6 August 2016: Cromer

2016–17 lectures

Saturday 10 September 2016: Norfolk's 17th-century trade tokens and the Norfolk Token Project
Dr Adrian Marsden, Norfolk Museums Service.

Saturday 8 October 2016: Round barrow relationships: considering the role of round barrows in English landscapes from 1500 BC to AD 1086
Dr Anwen Cooper, University of Oxford (joint meeting with the Prehistoric Society).

Saturday 5 November 2016: Ten years at Caistor Roman town: what do we know now?
Prof William Bowden, University of Nottingham.

Saturday 3 December 2016: Francis Blomefield and the parish churches of medieval Norwich
Dr Clare Haynes and Prof Sandy Heslop, UEA (joint meeting with NAHRG)

Saturday 14 January 2017: Grundungsviertel Excavation Project, Excavating the oldest quarter of Lubeck
Dr Dirk Rieger, Chief Archaeologist, UNESCO. Download summary

Saturday 4 February 2017: The Brecks from Above: Re-mapping the archaeology of the Brecks
Sophie Tremlett, Historic Environment Service, Norfolk County Council. Download summary

Saturday 4 March 2017: The Sue Margeson Memorial Lecture. Thoughts and Crosses: New Research into the Anglo-Saxon Church in East Anglia
Dr. Richard Hoggett


2015 excursions

Saturday 11 April 2015: Thetford Walk
Wednesday 20 May 2015: Heydon Hall and Park
Wednesday 17 June 2015: Baconsthorpe Castle and Barningham Hall
Wednesday 15 July 2015: Pakenham Water Mill
Saturday 8 August 2015: St Olaves Walk
Wednesday 16 September 2015: Mannington Hall and Gardens Download summary

2015–16 lectures

Saturday 5 September 2015: From the first inhabitants to the last hunter gathers. A review of the evidence for Palaeolithic and Mesolithic activity in Norfolk
Alice Cattermole, Historic Environment Officer, Norfolk County Council. Download summary

Saturday 3 October 2015: Must Farm and new ideas on Bronze Age Fenland
Mark Knight, Cambridge Archaeological Unit (joint meeting with the Prehistoric Society). Download summary

Saturday 14 November 2015: The archaeology of Itter Crescent, Peterborough: An Iron Age enclosure, a Roman villa and a Saxon cemetery
Alice Lyons, Oxford Archaeology East

Saturday 5 December 2015: Norwich Textiles: a Global Story, 1750–1820
Michael Nix, formerly Research Manager, Textiles and Technology, Glasgow Museums (joint meeting with NAHRG). Download summary

Saturday 9 January 2016: Lost Country Houses in Norfolk: History and Archaeology
Dr Sarah Spooner, University of East Anglia

Saturday 6 February 2016: What the Victorians threw away
Dr Tom Licence, University of East Anglia

Saturday 5 March 2016: The Sue Margeson Memorial Lecture. Landscape and Local Government in the Danelaw
Prof. Andrew Reynolds, University College London


2014 excursions

Saturday 26 April 2014: Bergh Apton - Kirstead Hall
Wednesday 17 May 2014: Wherry Trip from Wroxham
Saturday 14 June 2014: Evening History Walk: Beccles
Wednesday 25 June 2014: Mettingham Castle
Wednesday 23 July 2014: Gunton Park Download summary
15–18 August 2014: Thames Valley Tour
Wednesday 10 September 2014: West Stow Saxon Village

2014–2015 lectures

Saturday 13 September 2014: Digging Sedgeford
Dr Neil Faulkner, SHARP. Download summary

Saturday 4 October 2014: Coins, kings and tribes? East Anglia and Beyond in the Iron Age
Dr Ian Leins, British Museum (joint meeting with the Prehistoric Society).

Saturday 1 November 2014: Ancient Woodland? Explorations in the history and archaeology of Norfolk's woods
Dr. Tom Williamson, University of East Anglia. Download summary

Saturday 6 December 2014: The Rendlesham Survey: investigating a royal Anglo-Saxon landscape
Judith Plouviez, Senior Archaeological Officer, Suffolk Archaeological Service (Joint Meeting with NAHRG). Download summary

Saturday 10 January: The Heathland Road: The archaeology of the A11 Fiveways to Thetford Improvements Scheme
Mark Hinman, Pre-Construct Archaeology

Saturday 7 February: Recent Archaeological Work and Discoveries in Norfolk
David Gurney, Historic Environment Manager, Norfolk County Council

Saturday 7 March: The Sue Margeson Memorial Lecture. Secrets of the Anglo-Saxon Goldsmiths
Dr Eleanor Blakelock, British Museum


2013 excursions

Saturday 27 April 2013: Old Hall South Burlingham. A Small Elizabethan Manor on the outskirts of Norwich
Thursday 9 May 2013: By River to St Benet’s Abbey
Monday 24 June 2013: Blickling Hall
Saturday 20 July 2013: Mid Norfolk Villages and Barrows
Thursday 22 August 2013: Tour of Framlingham Town and Castle
6–9 September 2013: Four-day Visit to East Yorkshire

2013–14 lectures

Saturday 14 September 2013: The Archaeology of Malta
Patricia Camilleri, Archaeological Society Malta. Download summary

Saturday 5 October 2013: Henges
Dr Alex Gibson, University of Bradford. Download summary

Saturday 2 November 2013: Historical Climatology, England between c. 1290 and 1430. The connection between short term climate change and subsistence crisis
Dr. Kathleen Priby, University of East Anglia. Download summary

Saturday 7 December 2013. Pathways to History: researching public rights of way in Norfolk
Dr Jon Gregory, University of East Anglia. Download summary

Saturday 4 January 2014. Religion in Roman Norfolk
Dr Adrian Marsden, Norfolk Landscape Archaeology. Download summary

Saturday 1 February 2014. Cold War Anglia
Dr Richard Maguire, University of East Anglia. Download summary

Saturday 1 March 2014. The Sue Margeson Memorial Lecture: Valorising Viking Valhalla? Rethinking the hogback tombs
Prof. Howard Williams, University of Chester. Download summary